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This is a good article, keep up the good work. This article really helped me, let me now begin working on my concept paper. – Robert Muzira

I was reading for my next day examination paper, some friend advised me to read something about the schools of thought on population growth, I couldn’t imagine how bulk that would be … However, when I found this article; so brief but rich I smiled in excitement. Thanks – Lwanga Nelson Palmer

I am about to begin an action research and your explanation of how to formulate research questions has made my task much clearer than before. Thank you very much for being generous with your knowledge. – Arthur McIntosh

Thanx its great! It helps me a lot on how can I start writing my concept paper… Blessed you more! – Mavrix Bkay

Hey Patrick,
Good to know people like you are there willing to share knowledge freely. I was battling on how to start on a concept note on opening up a new branch and got a lot of guidance from this. Thanks and please keep it up. Words can fail many but God reward you. The more you share they more you gain is the principle I too believe in. Lets get on the good direction and continue educating others like me.

God Bless !!! – Tina, Branch Manager- Financial Services


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